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About Impressive Business WP Theme

Impressive Business is a free WordPress theme for business. It is a modern looking classy WordPress theme which can even be used for almost all kinds of startup or already existing small or medium sized businesses. It is easily customizable through customizer options. It is mobile friendly as it is built on top of Twitter Bootstrap framework. It is search engine friendly too. The theme is designed by our professional team of designers and developers so feel free to use it and enjoy its awesome features.

VoilaThemes Team


Impressive Business makes your websites look stunning and impressive. So you’ll never miss any potential traffic.

Impressive Business makes your website 100% mobile friendly. So your website looks perfect in mobiles, ipads, PCs, Mac and all other devices.

Impressive Business is a very secure WordPress theme as it's been built based on guidelines.

You can add upto 5 social media icons and links using Font Awesome icons as per your choice.

Theme Installation

Step 1 - Click here to download Impressive Business WordPress theme from
or you can directly search Impressive Business from your WordPress admin panel.

Step 2 - Click on Add New button.

Step 3 - Click on Upload button at the top of the screen.

Step 4 - Choose and click on the Install Now button.

Step 5 - Wait while the theme is installed, when done Activate the Impressive Business theme. (see screenshots below)

Click here to know more about WordPress theme installation.

Dummy Data

Step 1 - Click here to download the dummy data of Impressive Business WordPress theme as seen in the demo and then go to Tools => Import Menu to import this XML file.

Step 2 - Importing Customizer Data : Impressive Business is driven by WordPress customizer so to import customizer data first of all you need to download this customizer file then you need install this plugin Once installed, go to Appearance => Customize => Export/Import menu and then IMPORT the impressive-business.dat file which you just downloaded.

Step 3 - Importing Widgets Data : "Impressive Business" demo has widgets data as well so to import that data first of all you need to download this wie file then you need install this plugin Once installed, go to Tools => Widgets Exporter & Importer menu and then select the impressive-business.wie file and click on Import Widgets button.

That's it! After this, you will get exactly the same website as the demo site.

Setup Home as Front Page

To Set up your home page as the landing or front page of your website, you need to go to General => Reading menu in WordPress admin panel as shown below :

Step 1 - Select static pages as font page and posts page from list as shown below.
Then click on Save Changes button.


Q.1 - How to create static pages or how to modify the imported page layouts?
Step 1 - Please go to SiteOrigin Page Builder Documentation to check how it works. This will help you in creating new static pages as well as modifying the imported ones.

Q.2 - How to upload logo and site icon?
Step 1 - Please go to Appearance => Customize => Site Identity menu.

Step 2 - Here you can change your normal logo and dark logo along with site icon and also add or remove site title and it's tag line. Also you can enable or disable the fixed header and change the logo size as per your requirement.

Q.3 - How to change header image?
Step 1 - Please go to Appearance => Customize => General => Header Image menu.

Step 2 - Here you can change the header image as per your requirement.

Q.4 - How to change colors?
Step 1 - Please go to Appearance => Customize => Colors menu.

Step 2 - Click on color icons and change colors as per your requirement.

Q.5 - How to manage your footer?
Step 1 - Please go to Appearance => Customize => Footer menu.

Step 2 - Here you can choose whether to show or hide your footer widget area along with the number of columns to show. If you want to add a copyright text in your copyright area then you can add it from here. Also you can integrate your social accounts.

Q.6 - How to set front page and post page?
Step 1 - Please go to Appearance => Customize => Homepage Settings menu.

Step 2 - In this section, you can select your front page and post page as shown below.